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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 27, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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director of thomas more college is under arrest on child porn charges. good evening i'm tricia macke... we sent the alert out on the fox19 now app this afternoon. let's get right to fox19 now's mike schell live at thomas more... mike... we're talking 36 counts! 52-year-old...robert marshall was arrest his
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the the schools director of campus safety... 3brian "i don't know why someone in a position of trust would take part in that kind of activity. its very unfortunate for the community. the investigation against marshall began in january of 2014 and the reason police say it took so long to catch him was because marshall used a computer program that destroyed the evidence. 5brian "there was a software on it running that is deisgned to get rid of that type of material" 1brian "when digital data is deleted or wiped from a hard drive it makes it even tougher for us." personal computer home in latonia after someone reported that the there.. marshall faces 36 felony counts of possessing child porn...police say were at least 36 computer of performing lewd if convicted...he faces a maximum 20 years in prison... no indication that
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face-to-face.. 2brian "had we thought that there was an actual threat to children whether they be in the city of covington or the campus of thomas more college, we would have reacted much much sooner." marshall will stay behind bars at the kenton county detention center until his arraignment or if he is able to post the 25-thousand dollars bond he is being held on... we will continue to stay on top of this story not just on air.. but on the fox19 news app.. and breaking now animation and
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also breaking now... city manager harry black has released a memo announcing that cincinnati police officer joseph simpson has been indicted for a felony count of theft in office. officials say the charge stems from his time working an off duty restaurant detail in december. simpson is now being suspended without pay. developing now animation we continue to follow developing news out of northern kentucky... where four people are recovering from this major crash early this morning. take a look at the dash-cam footage given to us about an hour ago. this was the scene as crews responded to kentucky 2-37 in hebron this morning... after police say a car was going the wrong way and hit another car causing a chain reaction crash. as you can see, crews had to battle a big fire right in the middle of the road! our own gordon graham says investigators are still trying to piece together exactly what happened. open-----this stretch of
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divided highway and the speed limit is 55 miles per hour and investigators say just before dawn today 22 year old danielle honshell drove into oncoming traffic with disasterous results. tom-----clips sideswipes a jeep. a piece of that...of one of those two cars comes off, flies up in the air and comes down on the windshield of another car going northbound. that other northbound car is driven by nora hollon of florence who calls 911. nora----i'm involved in an accident down on 237 almost to toyota. the car was driving up on the wrong side of the moments later, investigators say, involved in a second collision. continues on and hits head on into a pick-up truck. county emergency dispatch center is flooded with calls as the pick up catches fire. person inside the truck.
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caller----yeah, the truck is on fire. dispatcher-----is he stuck in there? caller---yeah, he is. he's stuck. fortunately the driver of the pick- up, 65 year-old michael puckett of union, was rescued. tom-----the first on the scene were out. caller----the car was speeding on the opposite side of traffic. there's a bad wreck. just seconds ago. stretch of roadway is reopened after hours this morning say it may be weeks exact cause of this gordon graham fox19 now. here's another look at that dash- cam footage from the crash. tonight at ten... see the dramatic rescue of the truck driver.. and hear from one of the witnesses who called 9-1-1. you're looking at anthony and katina gavedon... a middletown couple in jail right now on eight counts of child endangerment. the charges stem from the conditions of their home that investigators described in one
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according to court documents, police responded to this home on tytus avenue on monday night to do a well-check on the children living there. the responding officers say the father intially wouldn't let them in, but when they entered.... they found trash, leaking water, cat feces and more all over the home. officers say the conditions were so bad, they saw gnats, cockroaches and flies in every room. the children were immediately taken by butler county children services, and put in the care of their grandmother. we caught up with neighbors to get their reaction. "no it's not right at all. not even for adults. not elderly people. no one. no one should have to environment like that." butted to "i'm at a loss for words. it's sad." right now the couple is staying in the middletown city jail until their next court appearance. right now animation right now, the flint water crisis continues as residents battle an
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lead in the water... caused by outdated and untreated pipes. officials say things are getting better... but many families are still struggling. but here at home... when you turn on the tap... you wanna be sure that the water you're getting is as safe as it can be... right? a cincinnati city council member says he wants to make sure what happened in flint, doesn't happen here. councilman chris smitherman has orded a report on the nearly 16- thousand lead- lined pipes on private property in the city of cincinnati. the goal will be... to look at the pipes over the last 5 sure lead isn't making its way into the water. but officials from works say.... our system here is much different than the one in because our water that lowers still... lawmakers say they just want to be safe. "let's just say at someone's home, the but there's a risk for it...i still believe that those property owners
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it so they're monitoring that and they can decide if they want to deal with that or not." the proposal would also call on water works to help educate homeowners on pipes like these.. and how to test their water for lead. and we can help with that too! it's not as difficult as you think! right now we've got a story up on fox19 now dot com with all the ways you can make sure the water you drink is up to code. nat sound of car bumping on road now!! a police chase... but it's not the cop behind the wheel. we'll show you the traffic stop that led to this wild ride. steve wx desk you're watching fox19 now at 6:30 in high definition, sponsored by performance toyota:
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welcome back to fox19 now at six-
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a local teen will be month, after being raping an intoxicated teen at a party. according to court documents, the 14-year old boy sexually assaulted another girl of the same age.... who was under the influence.. at a party this past september. today warren county prosecutor david fornshell released a statement saying quote... "we have to change the mindset of all young men in our society that engaging in sexual conduct with an extraordinarily intoxicated young woman who is clearly unable to consent is not
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sexual conquest. it is rape." end quote. video captured by a oklahoma. pulled over a man for a traffic violation... and during the stop the suspect sit inside him. well when the officer went back suspect's car... he found several big bags of marijuana inside. that's when the suspect decided to make the bold move of hopping in the driver's seat... and stealing the cop car... even with a k-9 during the chase... the effort to apologize to the dog. the suspect was eventually arrested after crashing into a fence. did you hear about this? people were walking around "counting" the next.
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live... winter's about to take a vacation... but not for long. the chief has your 7 day forecast where the weekend is always in view.. next. welcome back to fox19 now...
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always been a topic of discussion and debate here in the tri-state... with dozens of local groups working every day to make a difference. and today that push continued with an annual event called k- count. this was the scene in northern kentucky this afternoon where volunteers from various groups counted homeless individuals, and asked them questions. it's part of a statewide campaign to get new data on homelessness that impacts federal funding. organizers say the goal is to take a snapshot of what the homeless problem is like right now in our area... and work to find solutions. " we work with the homeless every single day and we're seeing a lot of trends lately. we see homelessness
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issue in the community so today we're not just doing survey's we're trying to connect with people, get them in for services and try to help the issue here in northern kentucky. " need of warm personal hygiene projects. the reds are major league baseball again to help promote youth baseball. this was the scene academy just a few hours ago for the announcement that the reds will host the 20-16 and 20-17 r-b-i world series! it's an international tournament featuring inner city teams. the event will feature some big name reds players... who say they want to help the next generation "i think it's definitely worthwhile and i think it's something that's a responsibility of big leaguers to do things the right way to make sure the younger generation can see how it's done."
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fields across town.. from august 3rd through the sixteenth. and steve... it's gonna start feeling a lot like spring training here soon right? steve weather a fast moving moderately strong impulse at jet stream level will bring the chance of flurries or light snow showers tomorrow late afternoon and evening. this will delay the much talked about warming trend a day so that friday is still chilly. saturday and sunday will be warm. in fact some sport sunday afternoon could reach 60. scattered showers are in the forecast sunday with even more on monday. when you look at the fox19 now 7-day forecast you will see that tomorrow through next tuesday will be warmer than normal. after that it looks like a week or more with colder than normal weather. i will have a detailed look at that in beyond the 7-day tonight at 10pm. tricia 2 shot now for a look at what we're
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o'clock. "it was not an upsale. it was body shaming." wait till you hear what a dillards salesperson allegedly said to this girl once she tried this dress on. and will some historic cincinnati murals survive the elements if they're placed on the side of the duke energy center? we'll have the results of a new study on the situation. and we'll show you the only place you should be using your debit card these days! tonight on fox check out new episodes of american idol at 8, followed by hells kitchen at 9... then we're right back
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the reds caravan is about to take off... but who can you expect to see? jeremy rauch talks with one of the big names on the caravan coming up next. sot "sports animation" jeremy rauch: "here at the reds hof
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caravan? no more johnny cueto, mike leake, aroldis chapman or todd frazier... but you will see big names like dmitri young talking right now on the reds hot stove inside. catcher tucker barnhart is also here, i spoke with him and he said the team has a lot to prove." tucker barnhart: "i think we all have something this season." "the reds caravan is taking off right here at tomorrow morning at 9 a-m. four different buses will miles across 5 states, mall on sunday. you can see every stop now dot com.
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george clooney is a lot of things... and now you can add "dog-lover" to the list. a local animal shelter is praising the superstar... for his adoption of "nate the dog" over the holidays. nate is a terrier who was born with a barrel chest and a leg defect.... problems that caused him to stay un-adopted for 9 months! that's until clooney heard about it. apparently he saw a youtube video of the dog, and parents nick and nina... who had just lost their longtime dog. we will see you tonight at ten.... don't forget and jeopardy are next!!! never stops. take us go. log on to and download the fox19 now app.
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an important benefit of any job. and if we are lucky enough to have it---most of us pay a big chunk of the cost. but a school board in switzerland county, indiana thinks it should get mostly free health care. and we think this is right out of the... "you've got to be kidding me" file!!. this is video of the board meeting school board ed the perk . but, once again pay for vision insurance coverage--for one dollar per year per three that opposed it, do not take the perk. so how much is it costing taxpayers? since 2011, the almost 486 thousand dollars for those four board members. a nice perk...for part-time positions! kudos to board
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bennett, who's the county school board member on record... to the perk. if he had freed up 30 to 80 per year in taxpayer money. this is a school board -- where the focus should be on children and teachers--not unreasonable benefits for the school board members. we think it's time the taxpayers of switzerland at this school board at election very least, school board members should pay the same price for health insurance as their teachers! steve rain and flurries on the way.
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